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Frequently asked questions about Bay Area Miata Drivers

Why are we here?

BAMD was formed out of our frustration with the Miata club experience. We want to really drive our Miatas, and "moderate driving" is not a term we use in the same sentence with "Miata". Most of us choose to drive NA or NB Miatas (1990-2005) as the true sports cars they are. We are for Miatas, driving, friendships, and fun. We are against politics, control, special interests, and strict rules. Driving our Miatas is a passion for most of us. Driving in the company of other Miata enthusiasts is even more fun. We also enjoy working on our Miatas, and BAMD drivers sometimes get together at someone's garage to offer a hand with mechanical issues or modifications. There are other Miata groups in Northern California, all offering something a little different. BAMD was formed by a small group of Miata enthiusiasts and has evolved over time into what it is today, a unique and friendly forum with an emphasis on helping out our fellow Miata enthusiasts.

Who's behind BAMD?

BAMD was formed by the former president and webmaster of BAMA (Bay Area Miata Association), and their friends from that club. The group was officially dedicated on November 15, 2009, after an epic drive. The website went up a week later, and within days we had more than 50 Miata drivers registered. We now have over 1500 drivers, making BAMD by far the largest group of active Miata enthusiasts on the West Coast.

What does BAMD do?

We mostly use our forum as a place to share Miata technical and modification information, to organize casual runs or tech meets, and to arrange meetings for drives to or at motorsports events. We're up for almost anything Miata-related, and many BAMD drivers are active in autocrosses, track days, and similar events. We think that when it comes to having fun in your Miata, the Bay Area is the place to be, and obviously a lot of Miata owners agree.

Why not form a club?

Beyond liability issues, clubs have dues, bylaws, elected officials, and cliques, and they tend to emphasize social events over driving. Elected officials often represent selected individuals, sponsors, or special interests, not the membership. BAMD has no such ties, and we don't associate with sponsors. Elected officials often impose rules on the membership, and tell them how to drive their Miatas. BAMD does not tell Miata owners how to drive. We ask that drivers take responsibility for their own actions.

About Driving Events

You may have heard that BAMD holds regular spirited back-roads drives, and we did for five years. At this time we no longer sent out notices or lead regular driving events for a variety of reasons, one being that we did it from 2007 to 2015 and got burnt out! We DO have a number of organized routes around the greater San Francisco Bay Area that are fantastic Miata thrill rides with built-in stops for breaks, lunch, and regroup points. If you are a past BAMD run participant and are interested in organizing and leading a casual run, we're happy to help you with route directions from past runs. We still have a big email list of experienced, spirited drivers who are like-minded about speed and safety, so just email or PM fastgirl on the forum for more info. We are usually up for a run, and though we no longer post run info on our forum, we can promote one by email and help you with the details, as well as join you on the drive!

About Tech Events

You may also have heard that we hold monthly Tech Sessions. We do have a ton of Miata technical knowledge, experience, and mechanical skills in BAMD. Over a five year span we held tech events at various drivers' homes, then at a commercial location. When that location ceased to be available, hosting regular Tech Sessions was no longer viable. Also, the focus of tech sessions had shifted from large, labor-intensive repairs or modifications to Miata meet-ups to simply hang out, discuss mods and tech issues, or check out each others' Miatas. Some drivers still get together to repair or modify Miatas, with time and location arrangements made through the forum. If you are a registered BAMD driver and have a location to offer for such a meet, contact us at or PM fastgirl on the forum. Keep in mind that we cannot participate in any situation that may create a conflict of interest by promoting a business, but we are open to a business owned by a BAMD driver who simply wants to offer a space for Miata enthusiasts to gather.

About the Website

The BAMD website was developed entirely by and for BAMD. We have a zero-tolerance policy for commercial content, and we don't accept advertising or donations. If you want to contribute to BAMD, send us an article, or register and start a blog. The website contains no third-party or open source software and uses no outside services, which allows us to keep it completely commercial-free. You can see a list and brief description of the website features by clicking the About the website link under the About tab at the top of the page. Because we developed the website, we can change anything we want to meet the needs of BAMD drivers, at any time. We like to add new features when we can, so new ideas for the website are always welcome.

Still want to know more?

Just register. You donít have to supply much information (you do need to supply a name and email address, and own a Miata), and BAMD is fanatical about maintaining the privacy of anyone who registers. Unlike some clubs in the area, BAMD doesn't need to "approve" your registration and of course there is no chargeósign up and you're in. The forum follows a few guidelines that you can read about here. If the forum canít answer your questions, email or PM the BAMD webmaster or anyone on the Contact Us page.