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The BAMD Forum is the heart of the website. All registered BAMD drivers can use it to share ideas, find out who's doing what, request technical advice, buy or sell parts, or just say hello. It's not intended to take the place of larger forums like, but if you want to know what's going on locally, this is the place.
Help with using the BAMD forum and other website features is available wherever you see the question mark button. If you're already familiar with forum posting and private messages, feel free to jump right in. If you have a question, like how to post a picture or delete a post, you can usually find the answer on the help page. But feel free to email the webmaster any time you need further assistance.
Search the BAMD forums. This feature lets you enter a word or phrase and finds the best matches from all posts in the forum. It works best if you enter only key words, and it works better with shorter words, so it helps to break up compound words such as "rollbar" and "powdercoating". You'll find more matches, for example, using "roll bar" and "powder coating", even if the poster combined them into one word.
Private Messages can be sent to any BAMD driver by selecting the Private messages page below the Forum menu tab, or clicking the PM icon on the main forum page. There's no limit on the number of PMs you can send and receive. The PM icon will be highlighted with a red border if someone has sent you a PM, and you can also choose to be notified by email when you've received a new PM.
Profiles of BAMD drivers can be viewed by selecting the BAMD Roster page below the Forum menu tab, or clicking a login name in the forum, if the driver has made his or her profile public. You can modify your own profile by clicking the profile icon on the main forum page. Your profile page has several options for privacy settings, and for changing how the forum works for you. It also gives you access to your personal Miata page.
Miata photos and information about your car can be posted on the website for all BAMD drivers to see. BAMD driver pages can be viewed by selecting the Miata photo gallery page below the Our Miatas menu tab. Set up your own page by clicking the Add a New Page button at the bottom of the BAMD Miatas page. You'll find instructions there for creating your page. It's pretty simple.
Photos and accounts of early BAMD group drives, tech sessions, and other events were posted to the website during the first few years, and you can view these by selecting the Event photo gallery page below the Events menu tab. We hope this gives you some idea of the type of events BAMD puts on. Although we no longer update this page on our website, BAMD has a Facebook page where photos and comments on more recent events can be posted.
Links to useful websites are available by selecting the Links page below the BAMD menu tab. We have links to vendors, track day organizations, and helpful pages. We're always looking to add links that will help out BAMD drivers, so feel free to ask for more.
A roster of all active BAMD drivers is available by selecting the BAMD roster page below the Forum menu tab, or clicking the roster icon on the main Forum page. The roster displays login names and any other information authorized by each driver, and it contains a link to each driver's profile, if authorized, and each driver's Miata page, if the driver has set one up. From this page you can PM any driver in the roster.
Blogs by BAMD drivers can be viewed by clicking the Blogs menu tab. BAMD drivers have blogged about everything from welding classes to engine rebuilds. BAMD registered drivers can add their own comments to any of the blog entries, and if you're so inclined, feel free to start a blog of your own. As long as it's Miata-related, there's no limit to the topics you can write about.
Articles about Miatas have been written on subjects ranging from timing belt replacement, to track day preparation, to back road driving techniques. We have mostly technical articles, but we also have essays about driving and motorsports competition. Anyone can submit a Miata-related article to the website.
We hope this gives you some idea of what the BAMD website provides, and what BAMD is all about. We think the site is pretty easy to navigate, and we're only an email away if you have any questions or problems.