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Technical Articles
From a 1925 IBM user guide:

"All parts should go together without forcing. You must remember that the parts you are reassembling were disassembled by you. Therefore, if you can't get them together again, there must be a reason. By all means, do not use a hammer."

—Still appropriate today when working on your Miata. Except maybe the hammer part.
Aftermarket Wheels The good, the bad, and the ugly. Important things to keep in mind when choosing new wheels for your Miata.
Installing Aftermarket Seats Whatever aftermarket seat you choose for your Miata, installing them is probably going to be a challenge. Read about how a couple of Miata owners met that challenge.
Roll Bar Installation Bethania Garages provides written installation instructions with their roll bars, but they're somewhat lacking visually. So this is more of a picture record of an installation.
Suspension Travel in Early Miatas What happens when you lower an already-low car. Tophats, bumpstops, and aftermarket springs. Also, coil bind and what it means to your tricked-out Miata.
The Great Water Pump Debate Everyone should replace their water pump when changing the timing belt, right? Some things to consider before you throw away a perfectly good water pump.
Timing Belts A DIY timing belt change is a sure sign that you've graduated from oil changes and brake pad replacement to the big leagues of automotive repair. This article covers details that a lot of step-by-step manuals leave out.
Torque & Horsepower When it comes to horsepower, we know that more is better, but what exactly does it do? And where does torque come in? Some easy answers and a few diagrams tell the story.
Driving Articles
Safety Fast Do track techniques translate directly to the street? Some do and some don't. Find out why.
Striping your Miata Stripes make your Miata faster and more fun to drive. Maybe not faster, but they add 5-8 horsepower. Or maybe less.
What is Handling? Why the Miata is such a great-handling car, and things to consider if you want to make it an even better-handling car.
Track Articles
Autox for track drivers Some skills honed on the race track can be put to use on the autocross circuit, but some competition skills can only be learned in a parking lot.
Miata High-Performance Driving Skills and techniques for finding your way around a race track. Learn the different parts of a turn and how to approach each of them. Braking, shifting, and where to pick up speed.
Track Miatas All about track days, and what it takes to get a Miata ready for one--surprisingly little, it turns out. Tires, safety equipment, and what to expect from your first track day.