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by nick
Looking ahead and looking back on the Miata, sports cars, clubs, and BAMD. Plus of course updates on my Miata.
Entry # 1 (6,337 Views) Posted on December 2, 2009
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As the description says, I want to use this online journal keep everyone up to date on what's new with the BAMD website. What's new today is the blog site. I have no idea whether or not anyone will use it. I've actually never seen a blog site before. This is just my idea of what a blog site would look like.
The word blog is short, I believe, for web log. The original idea was to provide a place online where people could keep notes for themselves, and access them anywhere there was a computer available. That wasn't good enough for some people, who thought it would be a better idea to share their personal notes with the outside world, and soon enough the blogosphere was born. In the days before Facebook and Twitter, blogs were the only way to let complete strangers know your every thought. Today, although somewhat obsolete, blogs still make a pretty good communication tool. If anyone cares.
If you're building a Miata from scratch, or maybe an engine, or working on a similar long-term project, a blog might be a good place to document your progress, while letting interested outsiders follow along. If you're competing in a racing or autocross series, you might want to start a blog to track your results. There are no doubt many more reasons to start a blog, although I can't actually think of any right now.
Starting a new blog is easy. From the blog page, click the Start a New Blog button. On the next page, enter a name for your blog and a brief description (< 256 characters). Then decide whether you want a public blog, one the whole world can see, or a private blog visible only to registered BAMD drivers. Finally, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page, and you're ready to create your first blog entry.
There aren't a lot of bells and whistles right now. I'd like to add a spell-checker, although it's just as easy to write a blog in Word, then copy and paste it into the BAMD blog entry form. Like the forum, blogs are displayed in HTML, so tags, links and photos can be added. But that's about it for now. Check back here from time to time for updates.
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