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Please Note: Some of the links below are for commercial enterprises. In keeping with our strict policy of zero tolerance for sponsors or special interests, we have received no renumeration, consideration, or even authorization for any of these links. In fact, were we to receive so much as a thank-you note from one of these enterprises, we would drop them from this page in a heartbeat. We include these links here as a service to BAMD drivers, not as any kind of recommendation or endorsement. forum
A world-wide forum for Miata enthusiats. color chart
Find out what colors were sold in each model year. garage
One of the best Miata tech resources on the Internet.
Nor Cal Roadsters
A forum for all sports car enthusiats, not just Miatas.
Nor Cal United Five-ten Owners (UFO)
Datsun club with the most Miatas. Organizers of the best low-key autocross series in the state.
T.E.A.M Racing
One of our favorite track day organizers.
NCRC (Nor Cal Racing Club)
Another Miata-friendly track day organization.
For the more serious track enthusiast.
Flyin' Miata
A great source for top-quality Miata performance parts, and long-time supporters of the Miata community.
Performance In-frame Tuning
A great north bay resource for repair work, alignments, and dyno tuning, with mechanics who know and can talk Miatas.
Goodwin Racing
Aftermarket parts supplier specializing in Miatas, with great prices and selection on wheels and tires.
Racing Beat
Source of very popular suspension, intake, and exhaust mods for Miatas, plus much more.
Roger Kraus Racing
Tires, wheels, and precision performance alignments. Tire shaving and grooving for the serious competitor.