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Last modified: March 15, 2011

BAMD does not solicit or accept sponsors or advertizers. We are not a club, corporation, or association. We are not a commercial enterprise of any sort, and we are affiliated with nobody. We have no treasury, no bank account, no way to accept monetary contributions or renumeration of any kind. So please don't ask. We have nothing against advertizing, but this is not the place for it.

We ask that all BAMD drivers keep the forum as commercial-free as possible. We understand that part of the fun of Miata ownership is buying and trading of Miatas and parts, and we want to encourage that, so we have a Sell/Swap/WTB category on the forum. This is the only place on the website where monetary transactions can be negotiated, and it is strictly limited to P2P transactions. B2P, P2B, or B2B transactions are not allowed and may be removed without notice.

Posts in the Sell/Swap/WTB category that have a commercial look to them may also be removed without notice. This includes but is not limited to the use of photos with prominent brand names, offering multiple quantities of the same item, use of all caps, or marketing-type wording. Judgement of a post as too commercial is solely at the discretion of the BAMD webmaster and CCF.

Forum signatures, locations, or avatars with any commercial content are not allowed. You may include a link to your commercial website on your personal profile page and/or your personal Miata page, along with a one-line description of the business. Anything beyond that may be removed without notice.

The Driver Recommendation category of the forum is intended for the use of BAMD drivers who want to relate experiences with local and online Miata and car-related businesses. Any posts that appear commercially-motivated may be removed without notice. Judgement of a post as commercially-motivated is solely at the discretion of the BAMD webmaster and CCF.

All of us have favorite vendors that we enjoy doing business with. We appreciate them and the fact that they support the Miata community. In some case we are personally indebted to them for their help over the years. We want nothing but success for them, and we're very happy to see them advertizing on other websites. The Links page on the BAMD website lists some of those vendors, however they are all there at our discretion. No one on the Links page has asked for inclusion on the page, and any mention of such inclusion by any representative of one of those vendors would be grounds for removing the link.

Please help keep Bay Area Miata Drivers commercial-free. Undue influence in club affairs by commercial interests was one of the primary reasons we got out of the club business. We won't let it happen again.