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Last modified: March 28, 2011

The BAMD forum is intended to foster a sense of community among Miata owners. We want this forum to be a respite from those forums where posters need to be cautious of attacks, scams, rudeness, or inappropriate subject matter. To that end we ask that all forum users keep the following guidelines in mind.

You must be a registered BAMD driver to post in the forum. Anyone can register with BAMD, and all that's required is a login name and email account. Your email address is kept private from other BAMD drivers unless you authorize otherwise. Additional information about you and your Miata is not required, but it is welcomed.

Blatant commercialism on the forum is not allowed. We have a separate commercial policy that covers this, which you can access from the BAMD home page. New BAMD drivers will not be allowed to post in the Market section of the forum until they have posted several other times elsewhere in the forum.

You may have an avatar if you've been registered with BAMD for more than 30 days. Avatars are small pictures that appear next to your forum posts. Avatars of an offensive nature may be removed or modified without notice. Judgement of an avatar as offensive is solely at the discretion of the BAMD webmaster and CCF.

HTML is allowed in forum posts so long as it's not abused. We have a restriction on the use of embedded frames, other than that you may include tables, lists, special HTML characters, or even font changes in your posts. Please do not abuse this, or all HTML tags will be disallowed. Keep in mind that bad HTML can render a forum thread unreadable. Please try to use forum tags ([URL] and [IMG]) rather than HTML tags for links and photos. [IMG] tags will resize large photos to fit, <img tags will not.

Profanity on the BAMD forum is discouraged. PG-13 is okay on occasion, R is not. Posts with R-rated profanity may be edited by the webmaster. Profanity in Locations or Signatures may be removed or modified without notice.

Before engaging in a lengthy one-on-one conversation with another poster on the forum, consider whether or not the subject matter would be of interest to the general Miata community. If not, consider using PMs.

Opinions on the forum should be stated as such, with use of IMO or IMHO when appropriate. Opinions on just about anything are welcome, but opinions about people are not. Positive opinions are much more useful than negative opinions. Negativity toward another poster is grounds for removal from the forum. "Teasing" another poster without including a positive emoticon tests the limits of these guidelines.

Posters with agendas ("trolls") will not be allowed on the BAMD forum. Agendas will be identifed by attempting to alter the opinions of others, trying to tell other posters what to do, stating opinions as facts, or raising controversial topics for the sole purpose of generating negative responses. Judgement of a poster with an agenda is solely at the discretion of the BAMD webmaster and CCF.

BAMD does not police this forum and does not delete or lock threads, however the BAMD webmaster and CCF reserve the right to remove anyone from the BAMD forum who repeatedly tests the limits of these guidelines. We don't take this step lightly, as we believe the Miata community should include as many Miata owners as possible. But the Miata community is not served by individuals who disrespect others.