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Last modified: March 30, 2011

Okay, so we're supposed to have a Terms of Use statement. We're not a business, club, or commercial entity of any sort, so we're not sure exactly what to warn you about. Visit at your own risk? Don't try this at home? We think this is a pretty friendly site. We monitor it regularly to weed out any trolls, haters, and R-rated content, but it's an open forum and as such anything can happen, and we can't catch everything.

All views expressed in the forum, articles, blogs, or private messages are solely those of the author. We hope there's an element of truth in everything posted, but don't take anything you read here as gospel. Do more research, compare with your own findings, or experiment if you must, but we can't do all that verification work ourselves. So, like you, we have to rely on our instincts, experience, and common sense to weed out the good information from the bad.

We can vouch for the security of any personal information you place here, but as far as the software goes, anything can happen. However, nothing that happens here will compromise our security measures or do any harm to your computer. We use the latest virus scans on all files in this website, so you won't pick up any viruses from us. We'd like to be able to say the same for links to other websites posted on the forum, in PMs, or in blogs, but obviously that's not possible since we can't try each one and we don't even see the links in PMs.

We try to have the website available 24x7, but as always we're at the mercy of our wonderful web hosting company, Yahoo, at least until they're sold to Microsoft. We don't take the site down for maintenance, but occasional interruptions are possible when we're uploading a new page, for instance. Just try again in a minute or so. If we're down for any length of time, please email the webmaster and we'll make an angry phone call to Yahoo.

We back up the website database regularly, but please don't rely on us to save valuable information about your Miata or anything else. Keep a copy in a secure place like your own computer or a safe deposit box.

Feel free to link any page or photo on this site to another site, but actually reproducing information or photos from this site on another site isn't allowed. Or fair. Feel free to quote any of the authors in the forum, articles, or blogs for non-commercial use, but please give credit where credit is due. Using anything from this site for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. We hate that.

Somehow, we're allowed to argue that using this website indicates that you've read these Terms of Use, and that if you haven't read these Terms of Use you're not allowed to use the website. We're not sure how you're supposed to know about that beforehand, but there it is.